Promotional Brand Solutions

A unique concept

Many (bio) pharmaceutical companies have medications in their product portfolio that do not fit in with their core strategy.
These are medications which still benefit from patent protection, but do not receive much attention. Some brands are not given the adequate strategic focus and internal resources they deserve. As a result, these medications do not realise their full commercial potential.

One example of the problem would be a new use of an existing medication. This new use involves specialists who do not belong to your current target customer group. The company then lacks specific knowledge and insights of the pathology and treatment and consequently the needs of physicians and patients are not fulfilled in the best possible way.
Alternatively your company may have registered a new medication for the treatment of a disease for which you already have another successful treatment available. It is very likely that this more successful drug will become the focus of most of your attention and resources. It may then turn out to be very difficult to achieve specific positioning for the new product, based on its unique benefits.
Another example is that of a drug which is registered for a certain treatment which is not one of your core strategy areas.

You will probably be familiar with one of these situations:

  • These medications or treatments are the victims of budget cuts in the event of insufficient internal resources.
  • Brand managers and the sales force do not have an adequate focus on these drugs, or inexperienced employees work on these medications.
  • Sales managers are not held sufficiently accountable for the results generated by these medications because other drugs are more important.
  • You do not have enough time to familiarise yourself properly with the disease, the customers, the treatment and the positioning of your medication.

FarmaVisie offers: Promotional Brand Solutions

We arrange all the promotional activities for a drug on your behalf, including marketing, market research, sales and sales management.
This allows you to focus fully on your most important drugs and maximise their results, while we optimize the results of drugs that do not belong to your core strategy products.
You will be able to realise the full potential from your product portfolio.
> more focus, fewer worries and optimal performance.

Our approach

FarmaVisie regards a full and transparent partnership to be essential for success. We invest plenty of time in our relationships with our customers, firstly to understand your company culture, secondly to obtain deeper insights into your medication, the symptoms, the clinical picture, your customers, the treatment, the market and the competition.
We focus on identifying the most important clinical needs of doctors in the treatment of a particular disease. We determine how your medication can serve these needs and how it acquires a unique position in the treatment.
We present optimal strategic concepts, implement these and measure the results.

You provide the preconditions, as needed based, for example, on how you want to define how your customers should be approached, what your internal guidelines are for sound promotional practices and whether any marketing strategy guidelines apply.
Of course, your organisation will retain ownership of the product and continue to provide the medical support and arrange the physical distribution.
Each situation requires a tailor-made approach and we are keen to listen to your specific requirements.
If you wish to outsource the full promotion of a drug that is currently not meeting the performance targets, we will submit a proposal to you on how to optimise its performance.
Perhaps you want to outsource a product that is distracting you from your core strategic focus? In that case we will submit a proposal to you on how we can continue a solid performance for you.

Collaboration with FarmaVisie offers you:

  • Maximum results for your ‘niche’ medicines due to our tailor-made approach.
  • Effective synergy between your internal know-how and our marketing & sales expertise.
  • Strategic control: your organisation will maintain full ownership of the product and determines the preconditions.
  • A full focus on your core strategy drugs to maximise success.
  • More flexibility and fewer worries.
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